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Library Services for Persons with Disabilities


NWRLS strives to provide library services and materials to all library users, including those with vision, hearing, or other handicaps. Books and materials for persons with visual disabilities include:


1. Large print books

2. Large print magazines

3. Talking books and magazines on cassette

4. Talking book machines for short-term loan while patrons apply for personal players

5. Information books on vision impairments

6. An electronic vision aid (magnifier)

7. Magazines providing information on handicapped facilities, services and equipment


Some materials are available by request and/or long term loan from BCPL. Call 850-522-2100 for more information.


Any person, who, for physical or visual reasons, cannot read a book of normal print, is eligible to use talking book services. Customers may check out talking book machines from their local library, a library card is not required to check out talking book equipment. Library users apply for personal machines from the Talking Book Library in Daytona Beach.  Any material concerned with the Talking Book program – correspondence, talking book materials, or machines – is mailed free of charge.