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The Literacy Department includes both staff and volunteer tutors who provide one-on-one and small group tutoring for anyone age 18 or older who wants to learn or improve his/her English-speaking skills, English reading or writing skills, or who is studying for the GED exam or U.S. Citizenship test.   The program is free of charge and students can join the program at any time as long as tutors are available.


For more information about becoming a Literacy Student, please call (850) 522-2100 and ask for the Literacy Department.


For more information on becoming a Literacy Tutor, please call (850) 522-2100, or complete this form and we will contact you.



The Problem


Functional illiteracy is approaching epidemic proportions.


Who is functionally illiterate?


One is functionally illiterate when he or she cannot:


*speak or read English

*read a highway or street sign

*read a ballot

*read a prescription

*read a menu

*fill out an application

*read labels on food

*write a check

*read a newspaper or magazine

*is dependent on others for basic reading and writing skills




The Program


*is a community adult literacy program sponsored by the Bay County Public Library

*is open to any adult 18 or older

*is free of charge--all materials are provided

*has open enrollment

*offers "one-to-one" tutoring (and small groups) in reading, writing, speaking English, and basic living skills

*may be offered at business locations












The Solution


*encourage someone who cannot read to seek help

*teach someone to speak English

*fight to combat illiteracy through contributions which are tax deductible

*provide space and/or time for employee tutoring at your place of business